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5 factors to bear in mind to choose a restaurant

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Given the large number of restaurants on the Costa del Sol, choosing the right one for a special evening is not a simple task. Today’s article is devoted to what we feel are the most important aspects to bear in mind when trying to choose the perfect restaurant.

1. Obviously, the food
It is clear that when we decide to go out for a meal, the first thing we want is good food. The quality of the raw materials and the chef’s talent are essential features. We also want a restaurant that offers special dishes that we can’t prepare at home. An ample and varied menu, consisting of international dishes and the chef’s own recipes, is also one of the most important aspects to bear in mind when choosing a restaurant.

2. Comfort and ambiance
If we want to spend an enjoyable evening we have to make sure that the whole restaurant is fit for that purpose: from the furniture to the lighting, including the temperature, music and decoration. Every little detail contributes to ensuring that the lunch or dinner we have at a restaurant will be a relaxing experience.

3. The Service
A well-served dish tastes a lot better.
The role of host and hostesses, head waiters and waiters and waitresses is just as important as that of the kitchen staff. The ability to be attentive at all times, without disturbing, to have a short conversation, to serve with elegance and hospitality are essential qualities of the waiting staff of a good restaurant.

4. Prices
The relationship between quality and price is equally important. The idea is not to skimp, but to pay a fair price for the products and services offered. It is also important to assess the quantity, because a restaurant where the food is good and abundant is much better.

5. Recommendations
The opinion of friends and food experts is another key element in choosing a restaurant. Nowadays, tools like Tripadvisor give us access to the recommendations of persons who decide to spontaneously share their experiences.

Spanish Garden’s habitual clients know that our restaurant satisfies all of these requirements with flying colours. If you still do not know us, come and judge for yourself! We look forward to meeting you. ¡Blog appétit!