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The garden window

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When a restaurant has its own personality, when occasional customers are treated as if they were habitual patrons, when quantity has an impact on quality, when first class products are used in the kitchen, and when an original and varied menu is not synonymous to expensive, then, and only then can a restaurant rise above the tide of fashion without losing sight of current trends.

In the mid-eighties, Carmen Montana and Alonso Velasco decided to sell their restaurant in London and relocate to the south of Spain. For this new adventure they chose Torremolinos, city where Alonso was born and which at that time was Andalusian capital of tourism.

The features of light, freshness, natural elegance and appeal characterised the project from the very beginning and determined its name. Spanish Garden is one of those restaurants in which great attention is paid to all aspects of the business, up to the most minute detail. Its excellent reputation is thus not a question of chance, but rather the result of over 20 years of hard work. Since 1988, Spanish Garden has forged a name for itself on the basis of hospitality and professional excellence.

But good habits should never be an impediment to progress. This is why the Spanish Garden family has decided to open a virtual window to communicate with the world using new Internet technologies to share its interests and special vision of gastronomy.

Those of you who wish, from time to time, to have a look at in this blog will find articles dealing with gastronomy and the hospitality industry, information about the restaurant, useful tips and a few surprises. All of it prepared with the same creativity and dedication that has always defined us. Welcome to Spanish Garden, blog appétit!

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  1. Comida excelente, el servido personal muy bueno y el ambiente es agradable y tranquilo para mi PERFECTO. No cambies!!!

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